Love is a beautiful experience which opens your heart and for many of us to the pain of loss and disappointment. As you close your heart to protect yourself, you hold on to wounds which diminish the quality of your life and self-worth. You deserve to feel safe to love all of who you are and to let go of your past.

Open to the sacred power of healing through a deeper understanding that you are here to experience your unique beauty. To become a version of yourself that you love and respect.

Connect with Soul Sisters to feel heard and seen without judgement. Bathe in a Reiki healing meditation by Astrid Boot to release the wounds from your heart chakra with the assistance of Archangel Michael.

Communicate with the love and healing grace of Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Quan Yin through the channeling gift of Elida Stevens. Allow their deeply personal messages and insights into your soul’s journey or past lives to heal your wounds from beyond this time and place.

Five Soul Sisters per workshop only.
Date: 16th May 2021 was the last Soul Sisters Healing Workshop Elida and Astrid have offered. Both Elida and Astrid are guided on new adventures with spirit.

Please call or message for more information about our spiritual work:
Astrid Boot 0410 046 766 or
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