Spiritual Therapy can help you change, improve and transform life experiences that keep you from being happy, confident, relaxed and have direction in your life.

If you have one or more of the items listed below, Spiritual Therapy is an efficient way to help you change your life in a positive way that lasts.

Here are life experiences that can block your happiness:

  • you feel stuck;
  • you noticed you’re going around in circles about your work, relationship, finances or health, and you want to break through these circles;
  • you have a habit you want to change;
  • you have to choose a direction but don’t have clarity which way to go;
  • you suffer from a loss or other traumatic life experience and want to release feelings and emotions;
  • you have a fear or phobia that you want to get rid of;
  • you carry anger inside and you want to release it;
  • you don’t know what your true heart’s desires are and you want to connect with them;
  • you are always there for others and forgot about your own personal needs, now you want to change that and put yourself on top of your priority list
  • you feel other people are crossing your boundaries and you want to change this;
  • you want to stand up for yourself in a confident way;
  • you put yourself down and want to change this into loving yourself and feeling worthy and deserving.

What do you do in a Spiritual Therapy Session?

You’re going to connect to your feelings, emotions, thoughts and beliefs about the situation in your life you want to work on, so you can unravel the messages they contain for you. They are meant to learn from and after that, you can release them and integrate this experience, so you can move forward in your life.

During your life you’ve had situations and events happening and you’ve been taught other people’s points of view about life. You’ve collected all this in your body, mind and on a cell memory level. Everything you experience in your life in a human body on earth also is saved on a soul level. In situations where you felt hurt, pain or fear, you’ve also protected yourself in the form of layers around yourself. Think about the ‘wall’ around your heart as a protection for yourself after being hurt in a relationship. You can compare this protection symbolically to an onion with all its layers. To come to the centre of the onion, you have to peel away layer by layer. This is what you do in a Spiritual Therapy Session; you’re peeling away layer by layer to come closer to your heart, your centre. In your heart are your desires but through your heart you also have the connection with your soul, your guides, angels and The Source we’re all connected to, or God or Creator as many people call this source. If you have a strong connection to your heart, you can tap into guidance and answers about your life and feel supported on your journey. If you’ve lost the connection to The Source, you can start to peel away all layers of protection until you restored your connection again.

How does a Spiritual Therapy Session go?

First we have an intake about what you want to improve in your life, what you want to achieve, how it will feel for you when you would have achieved this, and about your medical history and life experiences so far. If your goal is to be happier, then you need to ask yourself how it would feel when you would be happier. Is it that your heart sings with joy, that you have a tranquil mind and body, that you are confident in making decisions for whatever comes on your path? Then that can be your goal. It’s important to describe your goal in your own words and how it would feel in your body when you’ve achieved your goal.

After setting your goal, we sit on opposite of each other and through questions, I’ll help you to connect to feelings and emotions in your body that need your attention, and to the deeper layers to find out what messages they contain for you. You close your eyes so that you can focus on what’s happening in your body. I follow what you tell me about what you experience in your body and mind, because your body leads and knows exactly in which order it needs to release energy blockages.

In the meantime I use a tapping technique where I gently tap on your left and right knee. This technique is comforting, creates a trance state, my energy healing flows with it to support your healing process and it gives fast results with a long term solution. What you release, is really gone.

I connect with your energy and open myself for guidance and messages from my guides and angels, who work together with your guides and angels. See this as your personal team; they are all working for your highest and greatest good. We all have the same goal: to help you heal yourself so the quality of your life improves by learning and growing from the lessons learned.

This means I am super focused on what information you give me about what you experience in your body and mind, but also I am trained to pick up sentences you say that contain a load that needs to be released. Sometimes I get to see a colour of an energy blockage, I can get a feeling where you feel something happening in your body, I receive teachings I have to tell you that help you to get new insights or another way of looking at yourself or life, I can even get thoughts that I must say out loud to trigger feelings and emotions in you to come out so they can be released.

It’s possible that we have to go back in time to come to the cause of an energy blockage in your body. This can go back to a short while ago, but also to your childhood, to your time in utero, or to a past life. Be open to whatever comes up because it’s about the information it gives you to finally release the blockage. And know that sometimes a blockage can be released without consciously having to know the real cause.

You’ve exchanged energy with others in your life also. We’re going to recall this energy you’ve given away or left behind, so that you fill yourself up with it to feel whole again. It’s possible you’ve given your power away too. We’re going to recall your power back to yourself to help you stand in your power again. We’re also going to send energy of others back to the senders, transformed in love and light, and we’ll work on forgiving others and yourself for what has happened so far, so you can set them and yourself free to move forward again.

It’s necessary that you have an open mind for what comes up and what is given to you in a Spiritual Therapy Session. If you’re not spiritual, you can still have an open mind, which means you’re open for new ways of thinking or looking at yourself. An open mind is the best way to achieve personal growth.

In a Spiritual Therapy Session I combine everything I’ve studied and learned so far like hypnotherapy, regression therapy, Inner Child work, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) & Eye Movement Decensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) in a tapping way, positive affirmations, energy healing including Angelic Reiki, my psychic abilities and my intuition to help you heal to be happier, confident, relaxed and have direction in your life.

What happens after a Spiritual Therapy Session?

At the end of a Spiritual Session I’ll help you to become conscious about changes you can notice immediately. Think about that you experience you lost a weight of your shoulders or a burden you were carrying with you, you can feel complete and whole again and lighter, you can feel in balance and grounded and in your power again, but you can also experience that you have a new space around you and a larger aura. It’s even possible that you’ll notice you actually lost weight too. You can feel tired and need lots of sleep and time to nurture yourself to integrate everything that happened in the session. Take this time as much as possible. And drink a lot of filtered water too, to help detoxing your body.

I ask you to be conscious of changes you notice in your life after a session. Do you response in a different way to situations or what people say to you? Were you afraid of something that you suddenly dare to do? Do you notice you’re in a flow again? Do you feel joy in your heart again? But also: what do you still experience that is maybe blocking you to move forward fearlessly? What is still difficult for you to do? What is it that blocks you to live from being true to your heart?

When you notice there is still some work to do, you can contact me of course to book another session. All I want, is that you can manage your own life again, taking responsibility for your life and decisions from standing in your power, and feel happy, joyful, confident, at peace and having direction in your life.

How many Spiritual Therapy Sessions do you need?

Every person and his/her life experiences are unique, so I can never tell you upfront how many sessions you need. It depends on how conscious you already are about your feelings, actions and thoughts and the connection with your body, if you have support from loved ones and what life experiences you have experienced so far during your life. As you understand, someone who has had several traumatic experiences in most cases needs more sessions than someone with one trauma. You can choose to do a single session and then experience if you feel you need a next one, or you can choose to book a program of six sessions so you can work on your personal growth in a structural way. I’ve had many clients doing a program where they’ve experienced a huge shift in their lives on many levels, where they found their true self and felt like reborn and renewed and their environment gave feedback how they radiated happiness, strength and light. A program is attractive too because the price per session is reduced compared to booking single sessions. You can do a session once a week, but some people need more time i.e. two weeks or four weeks between two sessions. It’s really a matter of feeling in your body and listening to your intuition when you need and can handle a next session.

How long is one Spiritual Therapy Session and what’s the price?

A spiritual therapy session is 1.5-2 hours. This is based on my experience with clients that in this time frame we can achieve to release as much as possible in the most efficient way.
It’s a fixed price of $ 180 for one session. Special prices and discounts you can find on my page https://astridboot.com.au/services/..

What’s the location for Spiritual Therapy?

You can come to me in Wollongong for a Spiritual Therapy Session, but you can also have a session online through Skype or by phone or by email (I work with your photo then). Because I work with energy and connect on a soul level, it doesn’t matter if you sit before me or live at the other end of the world.

From Monday 23rd March 2020 I will only work online in sessions and on distance with a photo, due to the Coronavirus. I want to make sure you and I won’t take any unnecessary risks for our health and can both be in the place that is our safe haven.

What days and times are available for Spiritual Therapy?

I work Monday – Friday between 9.30 am – 2.30 pm on location in Wollongong, NSW. I have some possibilities on Saturday mornings and on weeknights at 8 pm also. Please feel free to contact me to find out together what day and time suits both of us.

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