Last Monday evening I was just home from an interesting Vision board workshop and super excited about my created vision board, when I walked down the stairs with my garbage to put it in the bins outside. At the 1st floor the light in the stairwell wasn’t working and it was very dark. It looked like I had only one step to take to the 1st floor and I put my right foot down, but it turned out to be two steps to take. I heard a very long rupturing sound in my ankle and I fell. I had a few really loud cries of pain and I couldn’t stand on my right foot anymore. It was very clear for me that there was something very wrong with my ankle but I could move my foot a tiny bit to the right, left, front and back, so it wasn’t broken. I crawled up the stairs again to my apartment and called my daughter when I opened the door. I hopped on one leg to the couch and put my leg on a stool. My ankle was already swelling fast…

I have my essential oils at home so immediately applied Copaiba to ease the pain, Helichrysum for the bruise and Ice Blue rub to help with the pain and inflammation. I later received info that Frankincense was really good to apply for healing too, so I added that.

An x-ray the next day showed my ankle was sprained and a tendon had pulled a piece of my bone. I still couldn’t stand on my foot and got crutches to be able to move myself around in my house. My GP advised to use painkillers like Panadol or paracetamol, but my friend who took me there, already replied: “She won’t use that.” I am quite determined to only use natural remedies for my health. And so far I haven’t used any toxic pain relief, only Copaiba oil applied on my hurt ankle. The other oils sooth and help the healing process, so I keep applying them. I can slowly walk around a bit, but some movements give a quick pain response as a sign that that particular move is not supposed to be happening yet. It’s a matter of keeping as much rest as possible with my leg up. Not handy in one of the busiest weeks I had scheduled, but the positive side is that my injury brought some extra time at home to study and take actions online for my business.

Also the oils that I’m using have a high frequency and help my transformation process and make me feel good. Although my ankle is swollen and has the colours blue-purple-red, and can be painful when the Copaiba needs to be applied again, I feel happy and have worked with clients during the week (I only had to cancel one day of appointments). I can only do my work when I feel good and my energy is in a good vibration for doing energy work. A big benefit from essential oils which are a pure nature’s solution.

If you’d like to learn more about how essential oils can help you and your family in supporting your health, wellbeing and living a toxic-free life, contact me to make an appointment for a free consult. I’d love to teach you which oils there are to assist you and your family.