A traumatic experience has cut the ground from under your feet. In one day your life has changed and you wonder if your life is ever going to be ‘normal’ again.

Do you recognise the following situations?

  • In the morning you want to pull the sheets over your head and stay in bed all day, isolating yourself from everyone. During your day you’re confronted with emotions that erupt uncontrollably at work, and also with your family. In a conversation with your best friend you always end up talking about your traumatic experience with tears rolling down your cheeks again. It’s still upsetting you.
  • In the middle of the night you wake up with a racing heart and feeling scared of what’s happening in your body. In the daytime you become anxious when you can’t find your keys to go to work, when you end up in a disagreement with a colleague, when you receive an unexpected bill in your mailbox at home, or when you’re hearing a song on the radio that reminds you of the traumatic experience.
  • The whole traumatic situation is playing on repeat in your mind all the time, and you can’t stop it. It keeps you awake in the middle of the night and in the morning you feel super tired because of a lack of sleep. At work you can’t focus to complete a simple task, you forgot an appointment for a meeting, and you have to write down everything you need to buy at the supermarket, because you can’t remember the items by heart like you could in the past.
  • At the end of the day you feel drained, but people are counting on you and you can’t let them down, so you have moved past your tiredness again today, running on your spare energy. You feel like losing yourself but want to be kind and caring, so you’ve skipped your lunch and sitting down for 5 minutes with a cup of tea to relax.
  • You blame yourself for not getting the planned tasks done today, for your house looking like a mess, and for a mistake you’ve made at work and  were confronted with. When you see yourself in the mirror in the bathroom, you think ‘who is this person?’ because you look horrible – tired, sad and stressed. Will you ever look and be happy again?

This is all so not you, but you have no idea how you can change your situation. You feel lost and stuck.

How would it be for you if:

  • The traumatic experience isn’t controlling your mind any longer, so you’re functioning in daily life again without emotions erupting constantly? You can experience a good laugh again with your friend, also listening to her story instead of only talking about your situation?
  • Your body could feel relaxed so that you can concentrate and focus on your tasks, to be able to work more efficiently and also enjoy reading a book again?
  • You would fall asleep easily with a quiet mind instead of tossing and turning? Sleeping the whole night, and feeling rested and vital when you get up, and excited to start a new day?
  • Helping others brings you joy and a warm feeling in your heart again, but you’re also able to say no without feeling guilty, because you want to spend time to catch up with friends, have a haircut or visit the beautician, go for a walk on the beach or do some arts & crafts?
  • You could have positive and optimistic thoughts about yourself and your life? Seeing solutions for unexpected challenges at work and at home, and trusting that things will work out fine for you? And even start to think about the future again and making some plans for it?

That is possible! Start the Take Back Control over your Life Program now!

In this Program you’ll receive:

  • 5 sessions of 2 hours with me
  • 2 coaching calls of 15 mins
  • 1 video by email with exercises to help you create the life you want
  • 1 email with exercises to help you stay in your own energy and protect your energy

After you’ve worked with me, you’ll:

  • Be able to think back or talk about that traumatic experience in your past with a neutral feeling. A weight has been lifted off your shoulders. You’ve gained new insights and understandings, and you’ll feel that you have control over your life again. You’ll bounce back easier from new and unexpected situations that happen.
  • Feel relaxed, confident and empowered which will help you to focus and concentrate better, so you’ll get tasks finished more efficiently, and you can finally read books again absorbing the information easily. It’ll also help you make decision easily, and be excited taking on challenges like new projects at work, enrol for a new course to learn a new skill and meet new like-minded people.
  • Sleep better because you’ll have a quiet mind to fall asleep. When you get up in the morning, you’ll feel rested, energised and vital to start your day. You’ll feel capable of doing your daily tasks and chores.
  • Be aware of your boundaries and able to not let others cross them any longer. You’ll leave other people’s responsibilities with them and take care of yourself as the highest priority doing what makes you feel good like reading a book, doing Pilates/Yoga or going for a walk in nature.
  • Have positive thoughts about yourself and your life, which improve your health, and make you feel happier and enjoy life again. You’ll experience more flow in your life because you can manage your tasks effortlessly, as you create solutions and have control over the critical voice inside your head.

Your investment for this Take Back Control over your Life Program is $ 950. A payment plan of 2x $ 499 is also available for you.

Others who have experienced sessions before you have commented:

“Astrid is a warm and caring practitioner who had the ability to clearly understand my problems. She gave me more insight into the issues we addressed. We dealt with a major health issue and family relationships in the Take Back Control over your Life Program. In particular I found the Reiki sessions and visualizations extremely healing. Astrid possesses the skills, flexibility, knowledge and tools that allowed me to achieve my goals.
Linda L.”

“Astrid has helped me heal parts of myself that I didn’t know were traumatized and assisted me to release and rebuild my authentic self. I’m so grateful and happy that we undertook this journey and achieved my goals.”

“In the beginning of 2016 I was at my lowest; I was depressed after losing a baby, I could not find a job that suited me and I was basically broke. Especially my financial position sort of paralysed me; which way to turn now?! Find a no-brainer job? Find a job that suited my previous working experience? Start up my own practice again? I had no clue what to do or where to start. I turned to my old friend Astrid for advice and guidance. Her first reply to my message made things more clear for me and calmed me down right away. After a session through Skype things became even more clear for me. Astrid was there for me with compassion, clear advice, humour and guidance. She pointed me in the right direction. I now have the best job in the world, kicking my depression fast and feeling my strength again. Without Astrid’s consultation I would probably still be sitting on my couch, depressed and wondering how to break the circle.”

“Working in a stressful environment with at risk teenagers, I was feeling more incapable of managing my emotions and keeping my work life out of my home life. My sleeping patterns were terrible; I felt unable to ‘switch off’ and my emotional state was affecting my health.
I felt the first sessions changed my emotional state instantly. I was able to, with Astrid’s guidance, delve into past relationships and understand how they still affect my wellbeing today. By releasing those emotions and letting go of negativity attached to it, I was able to feel a sense of renewal in my way of dealing with anxiety.”
Kelly Sherpa

“Seeing Astrid has been one of the best things I have done in terms of personal development.
Having struggled with Anxiety for a long time due to childhood trauma, I needed to release trapped emotions and Astrid helped me do so.”

“Astrid was lovely to work with. Myself, my husband and two young kids all had an appointment and it’s changed a lot within our family. Astrid has a calming nature and puts you at ease very quickly. She doesn’t use one approach, but instead works with you to find the best way to heal and get the most out of her amazing talents.”
Jade Tziavaras Leo

“I have had several sessions with Astrid now and each time I leave feeling lighter and more positive. I would highly recommend Astrid to anyone who is willing and ready to heal and release old wounds and limiting beliefs or simply to those in need of some extra guidance along their journey.”
Sarah Impelmans

“I participated in Astrid’s program and found it extremely helpful with my poor self esteem, internal critical voices, and negative thoughts and feelings. Astrid used techniques to help me face my fears, release the negative emotions and negative energy I had absorbed from those around me, learning to protect myself from negative energy. Astrid helped me to feel worthy and deserving, able to listen to my soul and connect with my positive internal voice.
With Astrid’s help I gradually was able to take down the wall I had built around myself as protection from a very difficult relationship. I no longer spend time ruminating on what I could or should have done or said in the past. I recognise the thoughts and feelings relating to my past and am able to “send them on their way” so they no longer cause sadness and low self esteem.”

“Astrid truly has a healing gift and I feel so blessed that I was guided to see her! We had 2 sessions, the first was spiritual therapy to heal past trauma. In the second session we connected with the energies of 3 babies who I lost early on in pregnancy. It was an absolutely amazing experience and Astrid could see many details about them that I recognised through my own visualizations. I knew without a doubt that my babies had come through to communicate with me. This released me from being stuck in grief and I walked out feeling lighter in every way.”

“Astrid is a very compassionate therapist. Her guidance has helped me conquer my fears about putting up my boundaries and standing my ground. Her knowledge is vast and her therapies are fun and relaxed. Thank you very much Astrid.”
Monica Finazzo

Frequently asked questions

I’ll provide some answers to questions that you may have:

  1. I work during the day. Is it possible to do the Program in the evening or on Saturday?

Yes, I have some possibilities for you in the evening or on a Saturday. If you contact me through the contact form on this website or call me on 0410 046 766, we can find a suitable day and time that matches both our schedules.

  1. I don’t live in the Wollongong area. Is it possible to do this Program online?

Absolutely! I’m used to working online with clients too, since I also have international clients. The results are the same as when you would sit face-to-face with me. The beauty of working with energy is that it can be sent to someone wherever they are on planet earth.

  1. How do I know if you are the right practitioner for me?

You can request a free intake meeting with me of approx. 30 minutes. This way we can meet and you’ll realise if this Take Back Control over your Life Program is suitable for you. After this intake meeting you can decide if you want to enrol in the Program. Listen to your intuition about feeling comfortable and safe working with me.

  1. Is there a payment plan available?

Yes, there is. Your investment for the Take Back Control over your Life Program is $ 950, but you can also pay in 2 terms of $ 499. The 1st term you pay with your enrolment and the 2nd term needs to be paid before the 3rd session.

  1. I’m going on a holiday during the Program. Is that possible?

Yes, that is not a problem. We can schedule your sessions around your holiday so you can fully enjoy your time away. Being in a different environment than your day-to-day routine is also a great opportunity to integrate all the work you’ve done. It’ll contribute to your healing process.