When you listen to a news broadcast or read the newsfeed of your social media, what happens in your body? Are you aware of the reaction of your body to the news you hear and read? Does your body react with fear, anxiety, stress, sadness, anger, frustration, powerlessness OR with happiness, joy, excitement, peace and love?

You will notice your body reacts with positive feelings to positive news and with negative feelings to other news. News about a wedding announcement or solutions for problems in the world give a better feeling than news about people dying in a war. You get my point.

Have you ever checked consciously how you feel, measure it on a scale from 0-10, and then watch the news on TV or scroll through your newsfeed on social media and measure again? When you do this little test and compare the results, you have the impact of news on you, on your body.

Because news is unfortunately rarely only positive, it impacts you, your body, your energy, your light and your mood. It can make you suddenly react irritable or angry to others, or you can feel drained, tired, or exhausted.

I get to see the impact of negativity with my clients as darker energy in their auric field and I can feel it in my connection with the universe as interference. Thankfully I’ve learned how to get rid of it in a fast way.
What can you do to get rid of the negative energy of news when it attaches to you?

First of all, you can make the decision to limit listening to, reading and watching news or newsfeed. You can also choose to not engage in negativity by not responding to it. After you’ve listened to or watched news and notice negativity has connected to you, free yourself from it by visualising yourself under a purifying waterfall in a beautiful place in nature until you feel your energy is light and bright again. Also feel the connection with Mother Earth from your tailbone and feet. You can visualise golden cords from your tailbone and feet into the earth for a good grounding. Think positive and loving thoughts and affirm how you want to feel. Here are some examples:

  • I choose to only connect with love & light.
  • I choose to be grounded well into Mother Earth.
  • I choose to focus on love and positivity.
  • I reclaim my power, my Light, my freedom, my free will, my health and my wellbeing.
  • I am safe and protected.
  • I am supported and loved.

I guarantee you that you will feel better after this. You’ve raised your vibration and that’s necessary to stay centred and in the present. It’s okay when you need to do this several times a day; do it as much as you feel it benefits you.

In the past I liked watching crime series but more than 11 years ago, I noticed my sensitivity had grown and I got nightmares from the stories. My decision was to not watch those programs anymore and I’ve felt so much better since. I did the same with watching the news on TV. Instead I chose to meditate and learn new self-help techniques to work on my personal growth. I do my best to make a beach walk every day to ground well, to stay in my own energy and to stay centred.
What have you decided to stop doing to stay in a positive energy?