Have you heard about your I AM Presence? It’s the part of you that is one with the universe, the Source, or the Creator. This part contains all the knowledge and wisdom that you need to live your life. It has the answer to every question. Everybody can connect with their own I AM Presence by inviting it to connect, asking your question and wait for the answer to appear. Often the answers are short and just a few words. You have to quiet your mind to connect and receive the messages.

What happened with humans on earth, is that we’ve disconnected from our I AM Presence because of fear from external sources that don’t want us to have our own knowledge, guidance, and light. They want to control us, but this can only happen if you allow them to. Therefor you can choose to reconnect with your I AM Presence again, to trust this connection that is there for you and that wants to guide you through life.

Firstly, you invite your I AM Presence to connect with you. It’ll be there in a second. You can feel light around you and a sensation at your heart area, maybe you’ll see light in and around you too. It’ll give you a grounding, grateful and loving feeling, and a feeling that all is well, that you’re in your own space and nothing outside you matters for now. You’ve shut out the outside world for now so you can just be focused on you and your connection.

We (Ascended Masters, amongst others St Germain), invite you to connect daily with your I AM Presence to bathe yourself in this energy, to get used to this feeling, to ask questions and to receive the answers. It is restoring the long-lost connection and it’ll help you grow faster to higher levels of consciousness. This will result in feeling connected, guided, loved, having direction, taking actions to more fulfillment in your life, and experiencing more happiness, joy and gratitude.

The biggest blockage interfering with your I AM Presence is fear and fear thoughts. It’s important to face these fears you’re carrying inside from your past, your programming when you were raised, but also the negative information that comes to you from the outside world (think about TV, radio, news). And every human is carrying fears from lifetimes before this one on earth also. Facing your fears and dealing with them to release them, helps to clear the path for your deeper connection. It’ll bring you a freedom feeling that only you can create for yourself.

Do you feel ready to face your fears and release them to restore your connection with your I AM Presence? Astrid offers 5 free sessions of approx. 30 minutes to discuss your personal situation with her and to receive some free tips & advices to start using immediately. She can also tell you how she can facilitate to help you heal so you can connect and receive your I AM Presence again. Fill out your details in the form on this page: https://astridboot.com.au/free-explore-your-happiness-session/ and she’ll contact you within 24 hours to make an appointment for your free session.