What if your life has gone down hill and you’re experiencing so much drama and negativity that you’re scared that only bad things will happen to you and your loved ones? You feel like you’ve lost control but don’t know how to change this. You can experience depression, anxiety, and sleeping problems. You want to hide, but you hold on to that tiny last bit of control you think you have. Every day you feel like your situation isn’t changing, it feels hopeless, but you keep going since you open your eyes in the morning and have to face a new day.

In your heart, you can be a person who can love and who has experienced love on a deep level. The impact of losses and trauma can still be in your heart, head, and other places in your body. It can get triggered often and then you get emotional and cry out a bit of this hurt and pain, this feeling of ‘missing’ and ‘lost’.

How can you create change in your life?

  1. Decide you want to change your life
    It starts with the decision you want to change your life. Even if you feel powerless, it’s important to choose to take your responsibility for your life in your own hands again. And it’s important to reclaim your power because it’s yours and you need it for yourself. It helps to say it out loud because that opens your throat chakra.
  2. Ask for help
    After this you can ask your guides and angels for help. Of course you can ask The Creator or another specific being or deceased loved one you’d like to help you also. A general ‘please help me!’ works well too. You don’t need to do this alone. Together with your help from universe, you can create change.
  3. Choose to focus on love and positivity
    Often you’re focused on negativity or maybe drama around you, because you have been experiencing or seeing this so much or so long. If you’re focused on and surrounded by negativity, you can’t raise your vibration to a higher level, so you need to change this first. Since you can’t change other people, you can choose to change your life. It helps to state: “I choose to only focus on love and positivity. I choose to only connect with the highest level of love and light.” Just observe during your day what you’ll see. I’ve had the experience after I noticed I saw too much of a low vibration in my surroundings years ago that stating and choosing to only focus on love and positivity, made me see the beauty of nature, meet kind people and receive positive conversations from people with me. I was flabbergasted by how the world changed so quick after this choice and statement. It’s really powerful to state what you desire to focus on.
  4. Acknowledge, allow and release emotions
    Feel how ready you are to have the big change and shift in your life. If you feel you have emotions like fears, sadness or anger inside you, find a way to release them. The first step for that is to acknowledge these feelings and allow them to be there, for example while you meditate in a quiet space. Most of the time, acknowledging an emotions, e.g. anger, works like this: say out loud ‘I am angry. If you feel you need more assistance and guidance in this releasing process, find a practitioner who feels good for you to work with. Feel free to contact me to find out if we could work together.
  5. Surrender completely
    If you feel you are ready to release whatever it takes because it has been enough and you are 100% ready for the big change in your life, you can tell The Creator out loud: “I surrender this situation to you now Creator, I’m stepping out of the way, so you can deliver the solution and transition I need for my life right now. Thank you for sending the solution to me, and for opening my heart and myself to receive your solution. Thank you for trusting that your solution is for the best possible outcome that serves my highest & greatest good.”

Normally after this last surrendering to The Creator, you’ll feel lighter and it can feel like a weight has being lifted off your shoulders. You can also experience more personal space around you (which means your aura has expanded).

You’re never done with working on yourself in life. Every new experience can bring to the surface more that needs to be addressed and released. It’s a beautiful way to grow and become a stronger and more confident person and to come in closer contact with your heart and who you really are from the inside. It’s getting rid of all influences from other people in your life and experiences you’ve had, until you find out what you stand for, what you believe or choose to believe, instead of what others try to make you believe. Everyone has his own belief system based on experiences and people in his life, but life is about finding out who YOU are. People who really love you, accept you the way you are, encourage you to grow and are there for you when you need a hand to get back on your feet again.