Although most people were happy to leave all blockages from their past like drama and emotions as anxiety and fears,  behind them in 2019, the start of 2020 was for lots of Australians not such a happy and festive start with all the bushfires, drought, heat, wind, and smoke in the air.

I know people are in fear and anxiety about the fires and the threat of fires, so I’d like to hand a tool to release anxiety and fears. It’s an exercise from the book ‘The Secret Language of Your Body’ by Inna Segal that I use a lot in my work with clients.

  1. Place your hands on the part of your body where you feel fear most intensely. Breathe into this area for a few moments while allowing any emotion to rise to the surface with little resistance.
  2. Relax your hands.
  3. Say: “Divine Healing Intelligence, using the orange-red flame of purification, please dissolve all fear, anxiety, worry, and powerlessness. Help me release feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, betrayal, and trauma. Help me to find a blessing in every challenging situation and to focus on the best possible outcome. Thank you.”
  4. Repeat the word “CLEAR” several times until you feel lighter.
  5. Observe the orange-red flame moving through your body, mind, emotions, and energy field, and begin to dissolve all negative thoughts, words, feelings, memories, and images of fear, anxiety, worry, and powerlessness.
  6. Now to bring back feelings of love and empowerment, do the Love process:
  7. Say: “Divine Healing Intelligence, I call on the pink ray of Divine Love and wisdom. Please heal every part of my consciousness and cellular memories where I hold fear instead of love, worry instead of peace, and anxiety instead of faith. Surround me with your loving, protective, peaceful ray of light, so that I can feel safe, empowered, nurtured, and loved in every situation that I encounter. Thank you.”
  8. Repeat the word “CLEAR” several times until you feel lighter.
  9. Look for a blessing in every challenging situation, and remember that whatever you think about, you will attract. Focus on what you would love to happen instead of worrying about what you don’t want to happen.
  10. Begin every day with an intention of how you would like your day to go. Say to yourself, ‘Today is going to be a wonderful, prosperous day.’ Think of all the wonderful things you would like to create that day, and be grateful for all the opportunities that flow your way.

I understand if you’re living with the threat of fire for your property, it’s very challenging to focus on something positive that you want as an outcome, so here are some examples to use:

  • Visualise your property surrounded by a golden light of protection, including you and your family members and pets;
  • Call upon Archangel Michael to protect you, your family members and pets, your property, house, car, personal belongings, etc.;
  • Visualise gentle rain that fills up Mother Earth and that stops the fires, and see farmers have the best harvests so far;
  • Feel gratitude in your heart for all the work fire fighters are doing and see them stopping the fires;
  • Visualise that you’re receiving all the help from your community and in unexpected ways that you need;
  • See solutions everywhere. Visualise the word ‘Solution’. Do the same for ‘Miracles’;
  • Affirm: “I am at peace in my body, mind, and soul. I am protected and surrounded with Love & Light. I can handle everything that comes on my path with ease and grace. I am always safe. I am connected. I have faith and trust my intuition and inner guidance.”