When one of two partners in a relationship starts to work on personal growth, it results in raising the vibration. This is an action and will cause a reaction with the other partner. It can be resistance to change first, but then the partner has to decide what to do; also start working on him-/herself or not doing anything.

If we visualise this in 2 lines, then the person working on him-/herself has a line going in an angle upwards. If the other partner chooses to work on him-/herself also, their line will go in an angle upwards too. It doesn’t need to be the same angle, as long as both lines are going in an angle upwards, you as a couple can make a transformation together.

If the partner chooses to not do anything, and that is a choice too (everybody has free will!), their line will keep going horizontal. With your line going in an angle upwards, there will come a gab between the two lines, so between the two of you. The gab grows bigger and bigger until you will realise the gab has become too big and the relation doesn’t work any longer. You’ve grown apart too much. When I explain this to my clients, it gives them clarity about what can happen, what they can expect and how they can explain it to their partner also.

It’s so important to both work on your personal growth. Every soul came to this planet to learn new things and grow, so this is everyone’s purpose.