Recently I was confronted with physical pain that came out of nowhere and was quite unbearable. The pain increased rapidly in my shoulder and every move hurt. I took action and saw my awesome remedial massage therapist the same day for a treatment. A few tears rolled over my face from the pain, but straight after the session there I had a big cry with an emotional release. It was a new experience because I had never cried out so loud with someone else present. Driving home was painful because I could not really lift my arm without support to use my indicator. It’s amazing how often you have to use your indicator 😊. I had to cancel sports class that night because all I wanted, was to lie down and sleep. I felt miserable.

The next day it was still very painful, so I had a doctor looking at it. I could see on the screen during the ultra sound scan that there was clearly something wrong that caused the pain. A few weeks later, everything is way better and I can move my arms again without pain thankfully. One specific action I needed to take as an effect of what was happening physically to me, was that I had to cancel my client appointments. I absolutely felt terrible about that. First I thought it was only a few days, but it turned out I had to reschedule clients after a week again. I still wasn’t in a space of being able to work with clients. I was flabbergasted about what was happening in my body because I was only shortly back from an amazing relaxing holiday week where I had recharged my energy.

I am normally passionate about working with my clients to assist them in healing, but this time I felt I couldn’t be bothered. This was a complete new experience for me. I’ve learned that my soul wanted me to take time for me, time for self-healing, and that’s exactly what I did without any guilt feelings. I had a few sessions myself for healing and released lots of emotions from the past. I also worked on myself daily, meditated and went for a walk along the beach whenever it was dry outside. It brought peace in my mind and grounding. Again, I have never in the 15 years I’m doing this work, had to cancel client appointments for two weeks!

At the end of last week I noticed that I was starting to feel excited again to work with my clients, I could feel the passion back in my heart, I wanted to go back to sports class again and felt more motivation to take actions again. I’m still meditating daily of course and I’m also still making a long walk in nature daily while listening to self-love affirmations on my phone. That last one is a very powerful tool I’ve discovered; try it because you will feel so empowered after your walk with the affirmations! The Soul Sisters Healing Workshop on Valentine’s Day was my start again, and it was a lovely workshop with beautiful people, healing and messages for everyone.

What I’ve experienced is that it is incredibly rewarding to listen to what your body is telling you and to take actions upon that. Taking the time for myself to heal was necessary to bring me where I am now. Even with my first sports class earlier this week, I tuned in and asked in my mind with every exercise where arms were used, if my shoulders could handle that. A few times I got a ‘no’ answer and didn’t do the exercise or asked the teacher for an alternative exercise. And I didn’t give 100% with the arm strengthening exercises, but focused on the movement this lesson. As the teacher often says: ‘focus on the mind-body connection’. That sentence now resonated fully with me. Just moving again with a little resistance for strength was enough for my body.

In case you’ve also noticed your physical body is giving you signs in the form of pain, restrictions or tiredness, and you keep being busy and still running around as if nothing has happened, I’d like you to take a few minutes. Just sit down and connect with your body. Ask it what’s happening. Acknowledge this to your body. And then ask what it needs you to do to help. You might be surprised what answers you receive in the form of thoughts, images or feelings. Take these answers seriously, because when you don’t listen to your body and keep running being busy, your body will come with a more serious signal to make you stop and take time to rest and release. It’ll take longer to recover then, so better take every signal seriously when it presents itself.

If you would like advice about what you’re experiencing in your body and life and how you can best deal with it, and how to release your feelings of stress and anxiety around this, you can use the application form for a FREE Explore your Happiness Session with me ( In a phone call of approx. half an hour you can share details about your specific situation with me, and I’ll give you advices about what you can do the transform your situation to feeling happier, more confident and at peace plus having clarity again to move forward. I have 3 spots available for a free Explore your Happiness session. I‘d love to see you enjoy life fully!