When you’ve set a goal in your life and you manage to achieve this goal unexpectedly, it can change your life drastically. Your daily schedule looks different and you focus on this new achieved goal. You go for it completely, which means other subjects in your life can only get less focus from you. You’re feeling good about your new life, and then… doubt kicks in if you’re doing it right. Is it okay to pay less attention and focus to other subjects in your life? Is it a bad thing? Are you failing now because you need to be superwoman and juggle all balls up in the air at the same time with the same amount of attention? Are you looking for permission that it’s okay to focus on your newly achieved goal to make the best out of that, instead of all the other subjects in your life?

It happened to me when I achieved a new goal last week. And I started wondering if it was a bad thing to focus on this new part of my life instead of focussing on the other subjects. I reflected my feelings and question to a dear friend and received the answer that it was logical and human to do this, because this new goal needed my attention now to expand it more to achieve a higher goal, and after that I could focus on the other subjects in my life again with more attention. It’s just a temporary change of focus.

I noticed that I was not giving myself permission to relax until I would have achieved my higher goal, like I was pushing forward as a fast train, not allowing myself to breathe and relax. I realised this was a belief that was not helping me. A belief I could better let go, so I asked my guides and angels to remove this belief from me and replace the energy with being and feeling relaxed right now about my new situation, even though the next goal wasn’t achieved yet and I couldn’t focus on other subjects in my life right now.

What a relief and what a difference. I slept so well after that. It’s a beautiful insight to realise that you’re behaving in a way that is blocking you from being at ease and happy right now. You can choose to be happy right now. You don’t need to wait until you have achieved another goal. It’s a choice. And it has to do with faith also that your next goal will be achieved. Together with the help of your guides and angels, you can release the belief that’s blocking you and replace it with how you want to feel. It’s so powerful. This is also why it’s so important to tell your guides and angels how you feel, what your worries and fears are, what you need in life, and how they can help you. Talk on a daily basis with them as if you’re chatting with real good friends and build up this great unique relationship with them. They are there for you and love to help you.