When you want to achieve a personal goal, and you can’t get your actions done, even though you mentally want them for yourself, it can mean you’re missing your power. You’ve probably heard the sentence ‘You have to step into your power’, but what is ‘stepping into your power’? And where is your Power?

In sessions with clients I’ve often watched them come at the point where they become aware of missing their power. When I ask them to feel where their power is and guide them back to where they left their power, they can go back in time to a situation in the past. We can work through that situation and integrating the power.

But sometimes a client doesn’t know where their power is, which can give feelings of powerlessness and frustration. Know that this is a (temporary) disconnection from their power and you can meditate on finding your power. Go inside and feel what power is for you. How would it be to have your power? What’s the effect if you would have all your power? What are your fears when you would have your power and stand in your power? What would be the reaction of your environment when you would stand in your power? How were you raised around power? Was power something positive or did your environment judge people who used their power? You’ll discover what keeps you from being in your power, which are often fears and limiting beliefs.

Sensitive people are often more visual and could see an image/picture in their mind while meditating about power. I’ve heard clients telling they got a picture of themselves standing next to their power. A good question to ask yourself then is: ‘What keeps you from stepping into your power?’ The fears and limiting beliefs will come up here.

It’s important to release your fears and limiting beliefs around power, because it’s your birthright to stand in your power. You have divine permission to own your power and use it to be You. It is part of being true to yourself, being authentic and unique. If there are people in your environment who judge you when you stand in your power, when you are the real You and live your truth, they are not the ones who contribute to your life and you can either decide to end the relationship with them or to minimise contact. They’re not the ones who encourage you to grow personally and to experience happiness and joy. People who judge, don’t judge you personally, so please don’t take it personally. They reject a part of themselves which they don’t want to face. It’s easier for them to judge someone else instead of facing themselves in the mirror and taking responsibility to be their true self and work on releasing their own blockages.

Now visualise or fantasise about yourself standing completely in your power, owning your power, using your power in a positive, loving way to be your true You. How does this feel in your body? Where do you feel it the strongest? Focus on this part of your body and magnify this feeling from there, let it spread to every cell of your body and radiate to the outside world. Keep this feeling with you from now on. Check it every day. When it’s fading away or disappeared, reclaim your power again and refill every cell with it. You are very capable of owning your power in a positive way and it’s time to show the world!