First Love YourselfAfter having met each other on a networking meeting, there were two women in a conversation and one of them suddenly asked me why she was a pleaser. I said I could explain this to her without asking universe information, just based on my working experience with clients. Most of my clients are sensitive women who are pleasers. They have their families so children and their partner are top priorities. Sometimes they even care for their parents or in-laws too. Then they also often work, do the household, groceries, administration and/or finances, they race around with the children to school and after school activities. They try to sport themselves, to see their friends for a cuppa and/or to practise a hobby. Such a life sounds like trying to be Super Woman. Everybody and everything is a priority, but who is the one on the bottom of the list? You.

That’s confronting, isn’t it? You have put yourself on the bottom of the priority list of your life. You’ve downgraded yourself to not being important, you don’t count of getting a priority. You don’t take good care of yourself. You don’t listen to your needs. Maybe you can’t even feel anymore what your needs are.

When you please others, you do that because it makes you feel good and you feel appreciated. If you wouldn’t do that, the other person wouldn’t feel good and you would get a feeling that you did it wrong or didn’t give enough. That would make you feel bad. What’s the worst that could happen to you then? Well, that the other person judges you and rejects you. So here you have your fear of rejection. And what’s underneath this fear? What happens when you feel rejected? You feel terribly lonely. So that’s a fear too. When you’re feeling lonely, you feel not connected. It feels like you’re alone in the world. That can be an incredibly devastating feeling. It means you are disconnected from universe. Imagine how that feels, although you have your guardian angel and spirit guides with you constantly, you feel disconnected from them. And you even feel disconnected from The Source (or God or All-That-Is). You have the belief that you have to do everything yourself. Maybe you even belief that you are not able to handle life and everything that comes on your path. This is fear of being alone is your deepest fear to work on. And how can you change this? To start loving yourself.

That can be harder to achieve than it sounds. Because how do you love yourself? Where do you start? How do you connect to your heart and feel your needs? And how can you stand up for yourself, change your position from the bottom to the top priority of your list and fulfil your needs? It’s true that if you love yourself and fulfil your needs, you can take better care of others. So others will even benefit from your big change to love yourself more.

Meditation can bring you answers, you can ask the help of angels and your spirit guides and I am also happy to help you release your deepest fears and help you to discover how to love yourself and how to fulfil your needs. Decide now to make your Self the highest priority in life!