With the winter nearing, it’s THE time to prepare yourself for natural solutions for your health. Essential oils support your immune system and that can help preventing from flues and colds. In case you pick up a bug, the oils can help you recover faster. Also in winter time with the coldness and darkness, it’s possible your mood drops a bit because you’re body is missing out on sun light. There are oils that can help your winter health to get you through winter in a positive way.

In this free workshop you’ll learn about protective blend and protective oil products, a digestive blend, an oil to get rid of a temperature or fever, a respiratory blend, an oil that works as an antibiotic, an oil and oil blend to calm you to sleep better and help you with anxiety issues, a grounding blend that helps really well when you’re busy in your mind or feeling down, and a few oils plus an oil blend that can help with anxiety and depression.

You can smell the oils and try them yourself during the workshop, so you’ll experience the effect of them. And when you’re excited about these natural solutions for yourself and your family’s winter health, there is a possibility to get them in your house before winter starts.

Date and time: Tuesday 14th May 2019 from 7-8.30 pm

Location: U 10/30 Kembla St, Wollongong, NSW 2500 (2nd level, no elevator)

Costs: for free

Register below to join this free workshop, because there are limited spaces available.