When you’re consciously working on changing your life and releasing blockages to achieve that, it is possible that you start to recognise patterns that you can’t seem to break through. Since I’ve gotten more spiritual clients who are aware of themselves and work on themselves on a daily basis, I receive more requests to work on breaking through patterns so they can be left behind for good.

First of all, there’s no such thing as a ‘one technique fits all clients’ to break through a pattern. It starts with you having become conscious about the pattern, and your decision to want to change this. What is needed then, is your commitment to be willing to do whatever it takes to release what’s necessary to break through your pattern and achieve your desired situation in life.

After that, we can explore together what the pattern is that you’re experiencing, how long it is going on, when it started, what the impact is on your life, and of course how it feels for you to have this pattern going on. We’ll do some progression also, which means you visualise your future, so how would it be to live without this pattern, and how would you feel that, and where in your body would you feel that? Even if you want a breakthrough, sometimes it can be scary also to not have that familiar pattern playing in your life any longer. Then we need to work on releasing your fear too.

I’ve come across many root causes of patterns in client sessions;

  • Projections of others (e.g. your parents) that have become your own beliefs
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of success
  • Fear of judgment/rejection by others
  • Your ego
  • A part of you that has come in your past to protect you and still continues doing that in the same way as when it came to you
  • Cords to other people
  • Vows or past life vows
  • Past life experiences that made you create a belief to ‘never have or experience <…> again’
  • Karmic connections
  • Curses or spells that others placed upon you.

Together with you and both our spiritual guidance teams, we’ll work on what comes up as a root cause and find ways to release that. It can give a huge freeing sensation where you feel lighter and a weight lifted off your shoulders. Suddenly the Light can find its way through your body again and everything starts to flow freely. We’ll work on transforming your energy where you’ve released blockages so that you are filled up with positive feelings and thoughts to live the life you desire for yourself, and so you can take action step one (e.g. to expand your success, to get that promotion, to do the work you love, to have that relationship where you feel equal, to be able to receive, to experience that financial flow, to build that dream house, etc.).

I know it can be frustrating to experience a pattern that you don’t want to have in your life, and to not being able to break through it. I’ve been there, and I’ve helped many clients in sessions too. Know that it is possible to break through a pattern and live the life you want for yourself. It can take a lot of work as in releasing emotions, facing the truth about yourself, feeling uncomfortable with leaving familiar situations and sometimes people behind, and meeting other parts of yourself, but the final outcome is rewarding and worth it. The benefit is that you free yourself from your past, and that you feel more connected to your heart, your purpose, and being your true Self.