When you get health issues and can’t seem to solve them by yourself, you start looking for medical practitioners to help you. You want to find out what you have, what the cause is and especially how you can solve the cause. It sounds simple, but it can be quite complicated. Your body is a complex working system and you have unique components and baggage from your past experiences.

When you’re really ill, you often surrender to what the doctors say or advise you, even if it doesn’t make sense to you. We tend to deny our intuition, often based on fears. But that same intuition is also telling you when treatments don’t work, that this is not the right method for you to heal. Your intuition is so important to listen to. Fear and anxiety and illness can cause you to lose your grounding, to be in your mind with all your energy thinking constantly about what you can do best and having all scenarios going round in circles, you’re out of balance and maybe you even start eating unhealthy food to suppress your emotions and have a temporary feeling of ‘feeling good and relaxed’ before the fears and anxiety are back again.

You can decide to start doing research on internet about your health condition, to ask around in your network for information and advices, to read books about the subject you have or health advices. Hopefully you decide to take time to meditate and ‘go inwards’ too. This is connecting with your intuition. It’s so important because the best guidance is inside yourself. Your body is a very powerful and intelligent system and is designed to heal itself. Think about the many stories of people who have healed themselves from diseases in miraculous ways. Keep believing your body can heal itself with the right help. A healing process is often taking time. It’s a journey and you can best approach this as an opportunity to learn more about how your own body works and what it needs. It’s like learning to understand the language of your body and the messages it gives you. It’s part of your personal growth.

I know this journey of healing can be frustrating too when it takes longer than you hoped for, when you take one step forward and feel like going ten steps back again, when you keep on missing energy to enjoy life and do the things you like. But keeping faith is very important here. And keep asking for help from your guides and angels, and people around you. Keeping a positive attitude contributes also. Stay positive and optimistic, look constantly for what you can change to heal further. Reward yourself when you’ve moved forward again and resolved another challenge on your healing path.

And love yourself for who you are. You deserve the best; you deserve health, you deserve love, you deserve peace in your body and mind. Give yourself what you need. Do you know what gives you energy and makes you happy? Use your intuition, focus on your heart area and ask yourself what do I need right now? Is it going into nature for a walk to ground yourself, a dive in the sea to cleanse yourself, reading a book to gain more knowledge about a subject or just to relax, switching off your phone and taking a break from social media to not be disturbed and have time for yourself, doing something creative as drawing/colouring/painting/singing/making music to let your creativity flow again, treating yourself on a beauty treatment/massage/retreat, or taking a yoga/pilates/tai chi class to balance yourself again? All the examples above help to connect more with your intuition, and I’m sure there are many more ways. It’s so important to reconnect with our intuition and let this guide us through life. We’ve been disconnected for a long time and now is the time to decide to reconnect again. Use your intuition as an inner guidance for every step you take in life, to make decisions, to make changes, to be happier, to be healthier, to live your purpose on earth, and to radiate love.