The first incident happens in your life. It’s hard but it doesn’t knock you out. Then the second happens, and the third. It keeps going until all parts of your life have collapsed like a house of cards. Things were building up, but the collapse happened in a very short time frame. And you can’t handle it anymore. You’re overwhelmed, anxious, in panic, and you can’t relax anymore, you can’t even think clearly anymore. And you’re so tired. You look at yourself in the mirror and don’t recognise your face anymore from the stress.

It’s been enough!

You need a break, a time-out from everything to rest and get yourSelf back together again. But it’s hard to announce this to the people around you because you feel incredibly embarrassed.  You’re unhappy, stuck and lost, but you can also see that you have beautiful things in your life too which you are grateful for.

A huge opportunity to have a breakthrough

Do you recognise the above situation? The last month I’ve had many clients contacting me describing this situation in their lives. My first reaction is that there’s no need to be embarrassed about anything that life has thrown at you. You’re human and it’s okay to feel this right now. The best way to see your situation of your life having collapsed like a house of cards, is as a huge opportunity to have a breakthrough.

Lots of energy from your past has come to the surface at once to be released and you can have your (spiritual) awakening where you connect with your heart and true heart’s desires. When you connect with them, you can make choices with big impacts for your life and happiness. You can finally live from your heart instead of from your mind. Your heart can rule your life so you can live your purpose and experience fulfilment.

This is the big breakthrough that many people will experience; after releasing the energy from your past that has come to the surface, you’ll shine your light and every light that starts to shine, is one more light on the planet earth. This will continue till the planet is enlightened and we’ll be one big light. More and more lights are shining and together we can make this happen.

Free Explore your Happiness Session offer

Help each other to shine our lights. If you’re in the described situation above and can use professional help to build up your house of cards again, I can offer 5 people a FREE Explore your Happiness Session by phone of approx. 30 minutes. You can read all about this free session on this page and apply to get one yourself.