Clients often ask me how best to deal with a partner who has blockages but is not doing anything to release these blockages. It can cause huge relationship issues. If you are the person in the relationship who IS working on yourself, it can get very frustrating to start to see the blockages from your partner, while he/she is not doing anything to release them. It means the blockages of your partner stand in between you and you keep going round in circles with the relationship.

You can’t change your partner. He/she first has to be READY and decide to want to change. Till that point in time has arrived, you can only point out the blockages and work on yourself in the meantime, to release your part. Think about triggers inside you that still are being activated in conversations with or by behaviour from your partner. Triggers mean there are still emotions inside you that want to be released. They can be from your relationship with your partner, but often go back to childhood experiences in relationships with other people like your parents, siblings or people from your school time.

During the time you are conscious about your partner’s blockages and waiting till the moment he/she is ready to change, can be very frustrating and a big test for your patience.

Continuously work on releasing these emotions and focus on what makes you happy, how you can recharge your energy and stay in balance, what brings you joy. Nurture yourself.

You can pray for help for your partner to decide to choose love instead of fear, and to get his/her ‘spiritual awakening’, to decide to work on him-/herself and release his/her past. And a very powerful tool is also to visualise your ideal situation with your partner, where you both are healed from your past, where your relationship is pure, unconditional love and harmony with a respectful communication to each other using encouraging and uplifting words, where you want the best for the other and know each other’s needs and desires and act upon that. While visualising this situation, notice the feelings in your body like a warmth in your heart, joy, an energy boost and the smile on your face. Give the intention to these feelings to expand as much as possible. Then you’re manifesting your desired situation and now trust the universe to deliver a change for the highest and greatest good of everyone involved.