Since you’ve experienced an ailment or pain in your body, you can’t stop thinking about it. Finally you decide to see a doctor. You’re getting tests done. When the results come back, you either receive a diagnosis of an illness or disorder (e.g. an illness ending in …itis, cancer or depression), or the news that everything looks fine and they can’t find anything wrong.

In case of a diagnosis the way the diagnosis is being told to you can be traumatic. A doctor often brings the information as facts with a worse case scenario. The way it is being received by you can cause a lot of trauma too; it can feel like a shock and overwhelm, a fear of dying can come to the surface, and your mind can go crazy with many thoughts and questions about the present and future.

If you get to hear all looks good and nothing seems wrong, it can be frustrating because you’re truly experiencing ailments or pain in your body. The good news however, is that it gives you confirmation that your body is fine so there must be something emotional/mental/spiritual causing the ailment or pain. And you can work on releasing emotions without doctor’s intervention, so you can start immediately.

“Illness and pain in your body is a message for you to slow down, look within and make important changes.” – Inna Segal

Clients come to me in both situations described above. They first want to investigate if there’s something they can solve themselves to regain their health and feel at peace again, and they want to discover what the root cause is of the ailments or pain they are experiencing in their body. In case of a diagnosis they want to work on releasing that trauma too. After all it’s a diagnosis and ‘YOU are NOT your diagnosis’. We’ll work on finding out which areas in your life you need to become conscious of that you are avoiding or suppressing. A diagnosis is useful information about where in your body is the highest priority to work on. Through connecting with that part, you can find out what’s stored inside of negative emotions, blocking beliefs and possible unforgiveness.

I can assist you in connecting with your body and mind and discovering what information there is inside you. It’s often emotions from past events that you have experienced consciously or subconsciously as traumatic. They have left an impact with negative effects. Through connecting with those situations and feelings, we’ll work on releasing everything till you feel at peace inside again. You transform yourself from being overwhelmed to having back the control over your body and life again.

Here’s an exercise by Inna Segal that can assist to heal yourself (from her Heal Yourself Reading Cards):

  1. Take a few deep breaths and relax your body. Place your hands on an area in your body where you have pain.
  2. Ask your body: “Is there a message you want to give me?”
  3. This message may come to you as thoughts, words, images, insights, feelings, memories, etc.
  4. Say: “I call on my Divine Healing Intelligence to help release all pain, blockages and density from this area.” Watch and feel as dense energy leaves your body.
  5. Say: “I call on my Divine Healing Intelligence to infuse this area with a green ray of light. I ask that all the immune mechanisms of my body be activated and my body now returns to a state of perfect balance and health.”
  6. Imagine a green light moving through your body and repairing it. Gently bring your awareness back to normal and open your eyes.

Healing takes time. It’s a process. Some clients only need one session where others need several. It depends on what you’ve experienced, what you’ve already worked on so far and how much you can handle in your day-to-day life. It can be intense but it’s always focused on the results; your returning back to be the healthiest version of yourself including a positive mindset.

Would you like to discuss your personal situation with me to find out how you can work on healing yourself from an ailment or pain? I’d like to offer 3 FREE Explore your Happiness Sessions of approx. 30 mins by phone. You can apply for such a free session through this link: