When I asked Archangel Michael what to write about today, he gave me a question in return: ‘What did you experience and learn lately?’ I noticed the last weeks that I wasn’t completely happy with where I was in life. After a big change almost three years ago, when my husband crossed over, my whole life was upside down and I had to reinvent and rebuild myself piece by piece. I connected with my heart and connected to what makes me happy, especially what type of work brings me joy. For me that is seeing the transformation in my clients after a session. They come in with a tight skin and an aura with no space around them. When they release blockages, there’s a shift that we both can feel happening, where their aura expands and they experience a relief, a weight sliding off their shoulders, and new space around them to ‘breathe’ including boundaries towards others. Then I can see their skin on their face changing. That brings me joy and at the same time gratitude for the process where so many angels, guides, ascended masters and The Creator assist us with.

Back to the point where I am in life now. Because I am a sole trader, there’s always the stress about finances. A week can be busy, but another week can be very quiet. Since I’m in Australia it’s never been a stable income. And exactly that point is one of my desires; to have a stable income with the work I love. I’ve had a temporary part-time administrative job last year, but it didn’t make me happy. I even became ill again. My body was protesting my actions and decisions. This year I wanted to do it in a different way. I started creating workshops of diverse subjects, but specifically subjects that I have an interest in. It is kind of the same as when you read a book; you love reading a book that has your interest. You’re in the flow of reading the story or info and you can’t stop till you’ve finished the book and have a good memory of the story so you can look back with a sense of fulfilment. If you do the work you love, it’ll bring you a sense of fulfilment, joy and happiness, but you’ll discover a drive inside you to do the work, take actions and keep moving forward. And one of my eagerness of learning new things and improve my skills and expand my knowledge to even assist more clients in new ways, makes me continuously study new topics about health.

I noticed lately that fears came up about my future. As a human being I’d like to have some security about my future, but there isn’t any at the moment. There is the ‘knowing’ that I am safe and am guided on my path, but sometimes the connection with my guidance becomes like a thin thread, because I think too much. You know that feeling, when you’re in your mind, trying to figure out the ‘how’ part of the delivery of your desires? Then you’re standing in the way of The Creator to deliver the magic on your path. You’re literally blocking your flow and success. For me getting a client at that moment who is very much in their mind and having problems connecting with their feelings, is a mirror to me that I’m too much in my head. It was time to work on my fears and frustration. It’s a blockage that builds up till a feeling of being stuck. The difference is that I recognise getting stuck and look for help. It’s not anything to be ashamed about, it’s the opposite. It’s an opportunity to grow and to release old energy that I don’t want to carry with me any longer. So I visited some colleagues and worked on my feelings, released a lot, got new insights, take some extra natural support for my body to heal, and feel realigned again with what I’m here for on this planet earth. I asked for help and received it. I’m calmer in my mind and body, sleep nicely again, and I can enjoy being in the moment e.g. by sitting outside in the sun and feeling grateful for that. I make a list of things-to-do and get them all ticked off and feel proud about that. I‘m back on track.

If you feel stuck or frustrated about where you are in life, I can assist you in releasing your fears and frustration and get you back on track again. I’d love to assist your personal growth process and can help in many different ways. If you’d like to know me better before you come for a session, you can join a workshop and learn more about health and how you can support your health in different ways. I’d like to see you grow in an empowered way, where you take actions in your own hands so you can be proud of your achievement, because I know how that feels too. Welcome to the world of personal growth!