Years after having lost a dearly loved one, you can still be confronted with grief that comes to the surface. It can be overwhelming, but know that it comes to the surface because it’s ready to be released. It’s actually a message from your body that this grief part wants to go, that it’s time, and that it’s okay to do so.

But can you let it go, or are you afraid to let it go because it feels like you’re going to lose the connection with your loved one then too? This feels like an internal battle between wanting to let it go and holding on to it, afraid to lose the connection.

I’d like to share with you first, that the opposite can be the case too. While my late husband had chosen for sedation and everybody was waiting for his departure, he struggled with leaving because he was scared to lose our strong connection. He knew about my work as a medium and that I can connect with spirit and loved ones, but he was scared that he couldn’t connect with me after his departure. I’ve assured him that he only had to ask for Archangel Michael to help him connect and communicate with me, because Michael would be happy to teach him. And that I was sure we would be able to connect and communicate, but I didn’t know how long it would take to establish this.

Two days later Archangel Michael gave me the message that ‘Jan had arrived safely’ [in the Light]. When I finally had a holiday half a year later, and was totally relaxed, I had my first profound communication with Jan the last night in my holiday house. I saw him standing at my foot end and have chatted with him telepathically the whole night. I don’t recall anything of our conversation, but it was an amazing experience that filled my heart with love and warmth. So the connection was still there, communication was happening, and he confirmed he was always with me and I could ask him for help whenever I needed that.

Back to the fear of losing the connection with your loved one. You won’t lose the connection – it’s just finding out how the new way of connecting will be. But your loved one won’t leave you. It’s their soul that leaves their earthly body, but the soul is alive and continues living. They know exactly what’s happening in your life. They are often visiting you without you even knowing it.

You can practise to connect with your loved one yourself. The biggest challenge is often to quiet your own mind. The way your loved one connects, is telepathically, so when you think of them or their name, they are already with you. Ask them to give you signs in your daily life of their presence or help – e.g. their name or nickname, their favourite number or birthdate, the fragrance of their perfume or after-shave, a song they loved, their favourite colour, etc. Watch in nature too for signs every time you think about them, because the same type of bird, butterflies or dragonflies can appear as a sign too.

After reading the above, do you still want to hold on to grief that has come to the surface, afraid to lose the connection with your loved one? If you hold on to it, the grief is blocking the experience of pure love with your loved one on a deeper level. And isn’t love the biggest present you can give yourself? Love is the strongest healing possible.